Welcome to my website home, my online version of my creative bungalow! It’s a comfy, cozy home to share my creations in photography, writing, fashion, home design and lifestyle! I am excited to share my heart, home and business with you!

Please join me, rejoice in the opportunity of each day! I welcome you, to share with you, the joy of my creative processes. My work, for me, provides fulfillment, meaning and presence – my own opportunities to work positively and embrace womanhood and to enjoy this spark of life…

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At home, in a favorite ecru cotton crochet dress and denim shirt. Every day in the woods is a chance to “look up”! Summer 2020 fashion introduced a new accessory: the facial mask. For my line of work, a face covering has been mandatory since April. I experiment with fabrics for aesthetics, effectiveness and impact upon ones skin and respiratory health.

Stephanie Springborn

The Love of Red

Seems too early in the summer to feel the transition of seasons, yet here it is: the vibrant desire of mid summer, July “reds”, mellowing into the ease of August neutrals. Maybe combine reds with those neutrals? Soften the boldness with tans, browns, whites and greys? Or maybe, just delight with the glow of ones skin while wearing red!

Perhaps the necessity of facial masks awakened my need for lipstick. I had never been partial to wearing red much less red lipstick. But this July?

Mm. Hm.

What followed was an inspiration fueled by the color red! Swimsuit shopping? Red. Additions to the flower garden? Red drift rose bushes. And, an idea which lit me afire… I did not need to be perfect in order to start a project or pursue a dream. “You can begin with just pie and coffee.”

Photos, stephaniespringborn.com

What is your latest inspiration?

Work in progress.

Two Stripes, Three

Work in progress.. Photos, stephaniespringborn.com

My apologies. Work in progress.

Work in needed here. Photos, stephaniespringborn.com

Work needed here.

Yellow roses too.

Work in progress.


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My apologies, work in progress. 2018 Photos, stephaniespringborn.com.