”Temple Care”

September 2020


Now, I really do not, on a day-to-day basis, think of my health as “temple care” but maybe that would be the first advice I would give: Treat your soul, mind and body as a temple.

Even as I write “temple care,” I do find the reference a bit egotistical. But my reference is really of a religious nature. Your “system” of thoughts and physiology is a miracle energized by a spark of spirit.

So what does temple care mean? In a person’s busy day, the self-care of your temple is worth the time and effort. Take the five minutes to moisturize your skin. Take the bike ride with your children.

Read. Pray. Move. Sleep. All of that and make it fun!

I’m fifty-five years old, finally making the choices to formally exercise. Most of the time, as I relearn weightlifting, I feel incredibly awkward. That’s ok. It is a beginning!

My current physical goal is a bit more weight reduction. No hurry, but I need progress! (My fantasy is returning to toe shoes as I brush-up on my ballet skills.) why not shoot for that goal?

Ten years ago, I had my first of two knee surgeries. I remember the fear in the rehab process of my second surgery that I may never again walk properly. That fear was not founded in any logic, but the fear for me was real. That pain was unforgettable.

At fifty-five, I think there is no better time to ‘get it together’. I am no doctor nor am I a fitness expert, but I would like to share this part of my journey.

After all, I’m not the only temple on the planet!! Go for it! Start small! Be awkward! Keep going!!

Let’s do it together!

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