Labor Day Saturday

Happy Labor Day weekend! As I dress and pack for a late afternoon wedding, I pause to fashion my hair with a suitable hat. Not only is today a family wedding celebration, but this Saturday, September 5, is Kentucky Derby Day at Churchill Downs. And I do own a beautiful fuchsia net sunhat adorned with floppy feathers and flowers. But my choice is a ladylike number which I had purchased two decades ago for golfing. It’s natural, fine straw is brimmed widely with a heavy moss green bow. Rather plain but I like it’s simple grace.

This tamer version might be both acceptable and en vogue at today’s urban Wisconsin venue.

You might find me sipping a mint julep later at the reception!

I have only changed my mind three times with my outfit (and that conundrum is only outfit choice – I had long ago decided on the color black). The early evening ceremony followed by reception, dinner and dancing prompted my choice of black and my choice of a simple dress.

I eliminated a sparkly chiffon belted dress and a simple knit shirt, deciding upon a light knit, pencil skirt topped with a lightweight black cardigan. One of my favorite wardrobe staples is a cardigan worn backwards. My mother had told me that was the style in the 1950’s. (I envision a Hepburn-ish silhouette when I do so).

Plus, the choice of a light, fitted cardigan actually adds two looks from one piece. I am accenting the outfit with my strand of pearls, dainty pearl drop earrings and leopard print slides.

I get a bit picky with myself as I dress for special occasions. I like ‘hitting it right’ by being complete. My final touches to this outfit are a black pleather watch and black envelope purse.

Equally important touches to remember that can really add to a person’s comfort and also add to the overall look are the foundation garments. I am guilty of not paying enough attention to these pieces in years past.

And while I believe in discretion, I also believe in sharing what I have learned. Foundation garments are a worthwhile investment. A person does not need a million of them. But for today, and if you enjoy wearing black, then start with black or beige. I like black because it is rather privately sexy (or at least it was private!). But that is a key even with foundation garments. They need to make you feel like “the bomb.”

Honestly though, do not be put off by the putting on of foundations. I love these spandex, girdle-like smooth line underwear. Somehow, unfortunately we can no longer say ‘girdle’ but that is what they amount to. The legs on them are long enough to not show pant lines through a pencil skirt. (I have become choosy about the lines on my derrière!)

Don’t be fooled by lace with foundations. Yes I would rather have the lace trimmed legs but the pair I did have would roll. Also, look for a high, stiff torso. Ribbing is nice but most of the time unnecessary unless you have a gown. I know women who like the all in one foundation, but I do not. I think that choice is a matter of training yourself to what you need and your preference.

Oh yes, my final point on the girdle or ‘lower support unit’ is this: they are buggers to get on and off. It is not impossible nor is it unworthy. The final effect makes it worthwhile. But I need to warn you that you might be tugging and smoothing and gyrating. Remember: Worth it.

And of course, a proper brassiere. The older I get, the more I realize I should decorate and support my breasts. I apologize a bit for the bluntness, but well, there it is. Buy a great bra. My everyday choices are supportive underwires with no padding. I did find a sale on lacy styles with the decorative strapping across the top of the cups.

I think they are divine…

The wedding itself is far enough to wonder if an overnight bag is warranted. Another lesson learned is that if you wonder about it, then prepare for it.

My ‘day after’ outfit is a balance to the refinery of today’s, with torn jeans, faux leather jacket, my live-love-dream tank top in clay red-brown and… my cardigan from today, if need be.

I hope your weekend is celebratory no matter if it is a wedding, time to go fishing, or extra time to clean a closet.

I do hope, that if you get a chance, sit outside for five minutes in one of your hats, drinking ice tea or icy water or that mint julep.

After all, it is the weekend of the Running of the Roses..



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