Saint Nicholas Day.

December 6, 2020

Saint Nicholas finds the boots.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

I have never been more prone to affectionately put that exclamation point upon celebrations as I am this year.

Not that I wouldn’t anyway or that the day itself did not merit celebration, but each step forward in time seems to mark milestones.

My family is healthy. I have both career work and creative endeavors. And the list continues.

Isn’t that wonderful? Plus, it is THEE season…it is Christmas, Hanukkah, season of lights, Advent, winter…

December overload, yes indeed. I can barely write a sentence decently yet that is the time to pursue mindful activities.

Cheery brass sleigh bells await.

After I deck the halls with plaid and place sleigh bells on the window sills. A gift from my mother, the two sets of harness sleigh bells resonate with a delightful brass upon brass clink anytime they are moved. The weight of the metal is muffled by their thick leather belting. They look like they sound – heavy and cheerful and like they belong to an equally suited animal.

But they wait.

But not me. At least not today! I have found Christmas pillows and the time to decorate a home to fit the season! (Plus I am anxious to see the face of my adult son when he realizes tradition has paid him a visit – or at least, his boots!)

May you all have time – even snippets of minutes – to savor the month of December. In the northern hemisphere, it is the season of winter, of shortest days and longest nights.

It is the season of light.

Peace, peaceful blessings, love and a virtual kiss and hug!


PS. Hanukkah is next! Thursday, December 10!

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