2022 Begins with a Bill

January 26, 2022


As I drove, I had been entertaining my mind with designs of ear buds and headphones, wondering about styles and sound quality and ear health.

You know, substantial thoughts like that..

Three miles away from my destination, I drove under the overpasses. A January midday, below zero but a sunny day colored everything with a tinge of the truest, icy blue.

Just as my head caught the blue color, my thoughts shifted to an earlier conversation.

I had been talking about lighthearted matters with a male person. “Catching up,” a person could say. In these past few weeks, I have found myself in waiting rooms or waiting lines. A television was broadcasting a talk show, hosted and guested by females.

Could you imagine where this narrative is heading?

The talk show is known for its political commentary, with a long history of panelists or participants with varied, professional backgrounds. I had always considered myself rather neutral about the program.

The topic on this particular day was the problems of the Voting Rights Bill and the subsequent filibuster conundrum.

(I’m throwing a few dazzling words out there myself as I am a newbie to the topic area).

He scoffed at the show, first silently then with the remark, ‘I bet none of them has even read the bill.”

Not that I need to justify or explain nor do I even need to state facts, but one of those women is an immigrant who studied to earn her position in the legal field. She is an attorney.

Chances are she has read the bill.

I looked in disbelief at the male person, then realized my thoughts did not matter to him. He would have assumed I had not read the bill.

And, at that time, he would have been correct.

In the scope of the universe, my conversation had truly no impact upon anyone nor did it matter. But as I drove under those overpasses, my mind caught by the blue, I found his offense return.

I cannot really define yet how or why it hit me. But it did. And any digging into my psyche would probably conjure up a heavier response than it was.

I do know that his response changed my response to later discussions. I speak differently now with this person.

I have included a link to the Freedom to Vote, the John R. Lewis Act from the United States Congress. I have read and reread it as well as listened to the audio.

Admittedly I still do not understand it. But the whole conversation and my research has caused me to read more on our government matters.

Especially, the Ukraine.

And inflation.

Or, midterm elections.

Maybe this additional focus is what happens to us cranky, older ladies. Maybe so.

Or maybe, it is about time…

Lots of love, Luv.


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