The Woodpecker.

February 9, 2022

This little woodpecker had rammed my living room window. The sound of its impact had startled my sleeping nine year old setter.

For the first few seconds it had lain still. Just as I moved to bring it inside, it propped its head by leveraging its beak against the deck’s storage box.

Soon it flapped a wing, then uprighted itself. Long minutes followed. It would blink long extended blinks. The little woodpecker started moving its head back and forth.

Fifteen minutes later it flew away with our cheers and barks from inside.

I snapped photo after photo with the gratitude of such a chance. I had also started to wonder at my desire to capture the woodpecker’s expression as perfectly as possible.

Woodpecker’s expression?


Not exactly a Valentines Day posting, but my usual state of mind is rather a dislike of the holiday. Oh, I like the love part. I love the love part.


Lots of love, Luv!


Published by Stephanie Monka Springborn

Hi. Welcome to my blog, the brick dandelion. I am... just me. Thank you for joining me. Love and Blessings, ~Stephanie

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