March 26, 2022

Late March in Wisconsin tortures the gardeners soul. One week the weather tickles a person with sixty degrees and deepening blue skies.

Azure. I know the season is changing when I attempt to find different words for the color blue.

True blue!

Then, winter returns with a wide medley of ice storms, snow showers and foggy rains. It’s as if some misguided meteorologist’s nightmare came true.

Those romantic soft west winds? Gone! The nuzzling warm southern winds? Disappeared!

Those swirling northern squalls? Hello!

In the last week, I have also said hello to a doggone nasty sinus cold! At first I panic, but I realize a cold is just a cold. It might be a fortuitous response by my body. After oral surgery and an extended time period of stress, sleep and extreme self care might just be the only thing a doctor could order.

The only nice aspect of being slightly ‘under the weather’ is the benefit of sleep. The view of health from the perch of sickness is even brighter.

I wonder at my need to romanticize even sickness. But truly if one does not allow the glimmer of imaginary into such moments, then healing is that much harder. The road is that much longer.

My head pounded and my stomach gurgled as I tried to squeeze a few more hours of sleep into my being. Even the restless, uneven sleep was better than none at all. I awoke with much time before dawn. I calibrate my sleep according to my time sense upon waking. If I feel as though I have enough time, I usually do. If I feel rushed I usually have not slept well nor have I adequately recharged.

But I was wide awake, well before dawn. Even though my head pounds and my stomach aches, my ears catch a hint of owls. I open the window just so slightly. I burrow under the blankets.

Is the sound of owls hooting through the empty woods overly romantic? Their calls echo closer then drift further away. My soul tangles into their conversation.

I guess maybe I need that. Maybe my soul needs to listen.

Elvis garden

My little teacup rose garden looks anything but lively. The March sunlight loosens the snow’s icy grip from solar lights. I panic as I see rose bushes brown yet from winter.

“Soon,” I whisper. “Soon plants warm into green stems which lead to leaves.”


For the first time, I am picking out perennial bulbs for the perimeter. The edge from woods to yard needs softening.

And colors.

I do need to plan a layout. With garden centers’ growing inventory, now is the time to make the perennial flower borders a working plan! I am unsure as to why I have never planted perennials bulbs. I am also unsure of the details on how to accomplish my goal.

But I guess that is the beauty of internet research and trial and error!

Happy Spring! And may even the plan of flowers bring joy to your world!!



I might have been sick, but I still needed photos!

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