Act.Plan.Dream. (Today, in no particular order).

Wednesday, October 13, 2022

Happy Wednesday! I have missed these rainy times at home; the days when a person has gotten an hour or two more sleep than usual. Energy returns, without the compelling force to indulge in outside time.

I fix myself the usual lunch of leftovers and an apple with cinnamon (okay, plus more coffee than usual!) but I listen to music while I watch birds at the feeders.

It’s not a day for huge projects nor do I desire such an endeavor. But paperwork calls to me as well as creating the first Christmas shopping list! I order supplies for my crafts, then savor extra sips of Java.

Act. Plan. Daydream. And today, in no particular order!

As noon hour approaches, I find myself listening to stock market reports with equal fervor as I enjoy my playlist. Both stream through the house today.

I chuckle at the irony of falling leaves and falling stock prices. But I also pray there is no bear market back here in my woods!

My lesson for today? The concept of “rest,” I think, is the mental jump in the kaleidoscope of fallen leaves.

Before one knows it, the market rebounds once again.

Please, may your days be touched, caressed even, with raindrops and falling leaves. Add an hour or two of extra sleep and a cinnamon apple enjoyed with your playlist!


My love, and a kiss to boot!


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Hi. Welcome to my blog, the brick dandelion. I am... just me. Thank you for joining me. Love and Blessings, ~Stephanie

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