Attacking Resolutions

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I have ten days off! Ten days! Ten, ten, ten. My mind rolled the idea around like a tootsie roll. Mmm.


Typically I have road trips, destinations or a bizarrely extended to-do list which I have zero chance of accomplishment.

Not this time! (Insert here the obviously necessary, obnoxious laugh).

Sure, I have goals and ‘to-do’s’. I also possess priorities. And I am a bit selfish this time or so it seems. For this self-appointed independent lady, I have really messed up my time. Even with my over abundance of planning, I still feel as though I raced through the holidays. I became a bit rushed to the point of being a bit unhinged.

Privately, of course.

I enjoyed the time thoroughly with my family. I enjoyed the bustle of work. But I also caught a cold which felt worse than worse. Catching me off guard, I struggled right at Christmas time.

Like so many, I recovered a bit, then got sicker. I got tired. I thankfully tested negative to the big “VID” but I could not shake illness off.

Gratefully, it has proven to be only a cold but I have now been fighting it for almost four weeks! Yikes! I cannot imagine the impact upon my routine if I would have really been ill or worse yet, if I would have passed it to a family member.

Definitely a “could have been worse” realization.

Therefore, I am resolved, to prepare myself better next year. My goal is having additional priorities next year and handling those additional responsibilities. In 2023, I want to progress with my business.

And, I want to maintain a certain level of organization throughout the wildest of times. I love making a huge effort for holiday celebrations. But an honest truth is I need better skills.

Currently I seem to ditch my own survival mechanisms – such as ordinary organization and routine – in order to fulfill that holiday rush.

Well, okay. That modis operandi is not so horrible but I keep getting the feeling I wreck my own progress. I get the feeling I want to feel what are the steps ‘ahead.’ I don’t want to continually recover. I want to experience my goals. I want to give that to myself.

The only way on that road ahead is not turning back to redrive this road.

The scariest of sights – blank pages

Blank Pages.

First, I kept my January vacation days. Taking a week long break after Christmas always gave me chance to enjoy Christmas and enjoy my son’s break from school. We had time together.

As he gets older, some of that time falls away but for awhile he is home. That time is grand. I eat it up. I have time to cook, watch movies and talk.

And even watch Rocky movie marathons while we discuss movie trivia.

As the holidays pass, retail industry slows so that vacations are once again acceptable. I kept my increased days off even though it seemed a tad bit excessive.

I bought my new planner then started my days off with these directions:

1. Start, keep going even if slow, keep going.

2. Three goals per day. Do more but start with three. Give yourself the completion of those three.

3. Don’t plan on day one. Do. Move it. Complete those three, then go on.

4. Day one. Pick up laundry already washed. Put it away.

5. Day one. Put away all the discounted Christmas wrap, boxes, bows and tags you bought for next year.

6. Fix broken Christmas ceramic display.

Each day I have had three specific goals per day.

The budget folders.


Sometimes “attack” is the relentless pursuit of those mini-goals. It’s the completion of giving yourself the gift of your own attention. I had been poo-pooing the significance of those goals or mini-goals or steps.

I poo-pooed the idea of “attacking” goals. I don’t want to attack anything.

Mm. Nope, not true. I want to. I really, really do.

2023 is my attack year.

I realized that I may care of the outcome of the road to accomplishing goals. I care about the destination. I might be bothered negatively if they do not work out.

And I know the justice of the pursuit, the enjoyment of the effort, is really in pursuit itself. Yeah, I get that.

But what I really want is the feeling of doing it. I want to give that feeling to myself.

So, that is the ‘why’ to my attack. Also, I have never been the attacker.

I think I want to know. Yep, I think so.

Remember the basics.

As you begin your new year, make it so. Make this year your new year. I am a fairly soft person but I feel a need to attack my time and my efforts.

Dare I say, “May the attack be with you?”

In attack mode, remember those beautiful basics which makes you, you. Sleep. Eat. Hydrate. Care for your skin…

And a little gratitude prayer…

In gratitude and love, s.

Next week’s topic: Your pet’s health.

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