My August.

August 20, 2021, nope, August 26.


Doggone it…

I wasn’t looking for change. I mean, after all it’s August! Summer is still strong, but fall sneaks on the horizon.

Speaking of horizons, I noticed an early morning occurrence. In my wild schedule of the last few weeks, I was returning home just as the morning began to light the eastern edge of darkness. Hanging nearby, as bright and big as ever, the constellation Orion welcomed me home.

But it’s only August!

Maybe too much guacamole, but I’m a work in progress!! (But to eat el fresco? Heavenly!!)

My self-assessment? I am not good enough. “Not good enough, not good enough,” is like a repetitive mantra of serious psychological impairments.

“Danger, danger.”

Please understand I poke fun only at myself and I am rejoicing in the freedom of making mistakes. The danger of assessing myself as ‘not good enough’ at fifty-six is far different than the insecurities I had years ago.

Or even last year…


I am kicking myself for posting about oatmeal. As I continue researching, I have found that perhaps I do not need oatmeal right now. (But I love it so!) I am embarking on a different food plan. And even though I am sworn to the truth of my journey, I must also state that I am no doctor. I am reading plans, then testing to see if the food plan fits.

I have no idea what I am doing. Science has changed yet it has not. My son, in his wonderful logic reminds me that in order to lose weight, for example, you simply need to run your body at a food deficit. Easy. Boom. He gives me other examples of weightlifters regimens or those of cyclists.

Among the usual goals, I have a desire to be active well into my later years. I have passions to pursue in my life and only one life to live them. I would say fifty-six is a good point to stop the negative to pursue the positive.

Ah, but what if what I’m doing isn’t good enough? What does that mean? Well, physically I possess two knees that are functional post surgery from years ago. But I need to give them strength. And they need a body which helps them out and a mind to drive the train, so to speak.

I start slowly. I try not to return to old habits. I am officially at day five of the refueling part. Sleep, water and food.

With rest and beginning exercises (again!) my ankle improves each day. It could be as simple as mind over matter and the passage of time, but I think not. I think I have had my next lesson in self-care.

Be green in something.

Yes, I am green…I am delighting in my “research”. My goal is sharing this process with you, but not as a doctor or health professional. I am a speck of a woman among women. But I do owe a big one to womanhood in general. Here is a part of my creation…

I hope you have wonderful days. I must go now to research more on our world.


Lots of love, Luv.


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