The last of 2021.

January 31,2021

I cannot remember why I had bought the dress originally, but I remember where I had purchased it.

Six years ago, I attended several events in Milwaukee, all in separate occasions. elEach time I stayed overnight at a lovely, stately downtown hotel. I wouldn’t be too extravagant, but I had been determined to force myself out of my comfort zone. I sat in concert halls by myself. I attended rock concerts and basketball games.

And I would shop. One one occasion I purchased a black sequined Calvin Klein dress. I had loved the dress.

For the life of me I cannot remember why I bought it. I had no intention of fancy dates or occasions to wear it. It was made of a medium weight fabric with elbow length, petal type sleeves.

Through the years, it hung in the back of my closet or lie folded on the bathroom closet shelf. I even had planned to donate it about a year ago.

But I had never actually worn it.

Today was crowned Glitter Day at work in honor of the ending of a long year’s worth of work. My wardrobe choices for the day seemed like a no-brainer. I didn’t even think twice. Of course I had glitter and glitz.

Then I started to look through my closet. Where were my sequined clothes?

Well, I knew I had an extreme mask decorated with sequins. I resigned myself to a glittery face covering.

That choice stuck until I spotted the sequin dress from years ago. I had never worn it. There it lay now, on a bathroom shelf.


I decided I could make the knee length number work for the day’s responsibilities. (As long as I layered it over leggings.

Of course sequins and glitter are like the necessary ingredients in any New Years Eve attire.

And there the day was, branded, as the first day I wore my Calvin Klein dress.

May you have reason to celebrate this evening. Whether you are alone or not, may you ‘wear the sequins.‘

May you…dance. Or plan. Or relax.

Thank you for reading me here, this past year.

Lots of love, Bubele..


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Hi. Welcome to my blog, the brick dandelion. I am... just me. Thank you for joining me. Love and Blessings, ~Stephanie

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