Preparations, Budgets and Seasonal Joy Part 1

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

More Budget Spirit.

Yes, more budget talks! I forgot one point to my last posting of Christmas Spirit budgets. Ok, maybe more than one point. (There’s a few in here!)

Days after I posted about self-care at the holidays, my eyes began to turn red each morning. I should have reasoned the cause long before I actually did but I began with the idea I had just strained my eyes. Then I wondered if my eyes were sick. Then I debated about allergies.

In my most stubborn and slightly dense moments, I did realize that my make-up might be the culprit. what does this situation have to do with holiday gift-giving? Well, give yourself permission to throw away products which you do not use or should not use.

Slightly contaminated, old make-up? Replaced. A wonderful consequence of being fifty-something is I pretty much wear products which give me the same results I am used to. I might experiment due to the advance in chemicals but I do not experiment with colors or fads.

For make-up wearers, now is a perfect time to replace products. Cha-Ching, add to seasonal budget of both time and money!

Another budget-worthy, list-worthy, seasonal tip is the use of points. Throughout the year points accrue on my credit cards. This time of year, I redeem them to buy my perfume. I redeem store points for gift wrapping paper. And I watch those sales like a hawk to purchase only those items which were on my lists to begin with.

Cooking Preparation.

My favorite activity of the season is holiday cooking. I recommend practicing before the season to eliminate part of the stress at the time of special meals.

I had not baked anything other than chocolate chip cookies in a very long time. So when I needed to bake for a gathering, I revisited my chocolate cake recipe that I had put together from various cookbooks. I added a simple fudge frosting I had not made in years.

Due to my finishing time, I now refer to the recipe as “Midnight Chocolate Cake!”

As an alternative to turkey, this year I am including Beef Stroganoff! It is an unofficially light version of the traditional recipe. From my practice run, I learned – really learned – to finally create unlumpy gravy! In thirty years of cooking, gravy has always been my nemesis! But this recipe required me to learn.

And that skill I can reapply for chicken and turkey!

Midnight Chocolate Cake

Late night cooking

Just the other day I was telling a coworker that I really need the holidays; I really need Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I want the responsibility of making the holidays just that: Holidays!

No matter if you cook or not, please remember to give yourself good nutrition! Give yourself preparations and budgets and holiday fun!

Fun, yes, fun! I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful and with love, Stephanie

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