Advent ‘22 Hope

November 29, 2022

The Tuesday after Cyber Monday is the Day of Giving. I guess I remembered and I guess it is significant. Plus I would state that in the mucky moral moat of a materialistic world we live in, having a day set aside for giving is rather, um, nice.

But I know a lot of nice people and well, I do not want to know of the nice actions they do. I do not want to know.

But the season of Christmas and Hanukkah might encourage a person to give a bit more than throughout the year. No matter what ones faith beliefs or non faith mindsets, giving to society or charitable groups benefits more than just those entities and their people.

But back to the giver side of the equation. For your finances, end of year giving is a budgeted item. Every month a person can budget for the same purpose. But end of year giving is as special as the season itself.

In 2022 a household budget might not allow for giving. What then?

1. Give blood. The American Red Cross and the Community Blood Center are accessible by both phone and internet.

2. Give food. Call or visit your local food pantries to know the needed items. I have seen a variety of lists from the standard canned foods to a list of often forgotten items such as cooking oils. Some food pantries accept meats such as turkey and hams which are in relative abundance. With the deer hunting season in Wisconsin, food banks may also accept venison.

3. Give toys / adopt a household. Many communities (businesses and service providers) sponsor programs to adopt households. These programs work with families who might need help.

One might wonder why at December do we as a society choose to help rather than year round.

Good point.

Most everyone has been through times of financial challenges. Bills maybe did not get paid or were paid partially. Credit limits might have been pushed. Bank accounts dwindled. Making it to the next paycheck involved counting quarters at the kitchen table.

That subsistence might be possible eleven months but in this twelfth month of the year maybe it is impossible. And maybe we as a society who place expectations upon households on the celebration of the season should directly participate in the aid of those households.

Sometimes it is as simple as the gift of a toy.

4. Time. Oh, time is the most precious gift, is it not? The resale shops of charities are always in need of volunteers. Other opportunities for the gift of ones time are soup kitchens, sidewalk and yard care, and the food pantries. Warming houses and clinics.

Homeless shelters. Humane societies.

Sometimes the gift of time is the attention to ones neighbor. Take the time to chat at the mailbox or on your way as go about your morning walk.

5. And maybe, “Give a hoot.” Today, the Senate voted and passed the Same Sex Marriage Bill. The FIFA World Cup continues in Qatar. The US team has won their match against Iran.

A former President ate a well publicized meal with two public figures who espouse anti-Semitism and white supremacy.

Please, please give a hoot. Give a positive hoot…

At the lightest, brightest moments of our existence, humankind braves new trails. Those trails are perfect ‘give a hoot’ pathways.

Deep in November


So much of the talk right now centers upon economics. As much as my spirit wishes to fight the combination of money and Advent, my head tells me not to. I do believe the greater wisdom is incorporating the two together.

I am almost complete in my shopping. I have taken advantage of special online – Cyber – deals. Tis the season of free shipping! I still have my credit card points with which to indulge!

To me, I have given myself the time of a few days off in order to create and be with family. Maybe we will even have moments of decorating together or I can talk through my decorating plans with my mother.

I have found one unexpected gift of the season from a health program. The health program incorporates certain foods and lots of water plus a fair amount of discipline.

As a sidebar and as another ‘ah, duh’ moment, in my fifty plus years, I finally burrowed a fact in my thick skull. I have the best results – the results I really expect – with the best discipline that I can muster.

I need to remember that my efforts are more than sufficient. Results have nothing to do with ability. My results are produced by my best discipline.

Oh….my… Holy obvious, Batman.

Well, the gifts of the universe are not always the prettiest or most convenient. But they are ever present.

Ever-present and evergreen, even.

Wishing you love and…hope..


Ps. Also wishing you the total joy of wearing chunky Christmas socks and equally toasty plaid flannels. Plus sandals.

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